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Real Estate Tips

Buyer Tip#1

Buyers should always contact their realtor to show them a home they maybe interested in. Sometimes buyers feel like they don’t want to “disturb” their realtor or “waste” their time and think they can get the listing agent to show it to them. Their Realtor would never feel like you are wasting their time! Buyers agents want to show homes! …

Seller Tip – Septic Tanks

Rural home owners in Orangeville should be prepared to locate their septic tank and have a professional septic service come and pump it out prior to the sale of their property. At this time the septic company will do a visual inspection of the tank and baffles and should indicate on the receipt that all appeared to be in good …

Seller Tip – Winterizing

With the White stuff now on the ground for good, things you want to make sure you didn’t forget in preparing your Orangeville home for the colder are the following.  Lawn and Garden: Blow out sprinkler systems and winterize or insulate exterior faucets and water lines. Drain and store garden hoses. Rake leaves, especially if piled up against your Orangeville …