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Real Estate Posts

Welcome to our real estate blog – browse and read these articles to get news, advice and practical tips on buying and selling real estate throughout Orangeville, Shelburne, Caledon and surrounding areas.

Diving Into The True Value of Pools On The Value of Your Home

Thinking of doing a summer project? Maybe a fence or shed or adding a hot tub or inground pool? Sheila’s blog talks about these projects and how they may or may not increase the value of your home.

The Town of Orangeville – Annual Property Taxes

Have you ever asked yourself why we pay taxes or what does the town do with all the money that is generated by taxes? Mike’s blog discusses how your tax rate is determined and why it is important not to fall into arrears.

How to Survive Living in Your House When It’s Up for Sale

How will you survive living in your house when it’s up for sale? Cheryl has complied a list of ways to help you get through the next phase when you have made the decision to sell your home.

Divorce and Real Estate

Divorce is not a pleasant topic but it is a reality in our day and age. Many times the family home must be sold for various reasons. Sheila explains how we here at the Mullin Group can help make a difficult situation as easy as possible.

Open Houses – A Personal Preference

Public open houses are a great way to showcase your home and all of its unique features. Mike provides tips sellers should keep in mind when getting their home ready for an open house.

7 Real Estate Terms You Need to Know Before Buying your Orangeville Home

Buying a home can be very overwhelming, especially for first time buyers. Cheryl has compiled a list of real estate terms along with their definitions that buyers will encounter during the home buying process.

Renovation Rebates!

There are many rebate programs available to homeowners, such as Home Energy Conservation. Molly describes the necessary steps homeowners need to complete to see if they qualify for this renovation rebate.

Using a Local Realtor

Buyers may not always be aware of the plans for development of land around the property that they are looking to purchase. Mike explains why it is important to use a local realtor who is intimately familiar with the area you want live in.

Condo Living

Have you ever considered condo living? Cheryl describes some of the pros and cons of condo living as well as explains how condo fees are used and what a status certificate is.

Timing the Spring Market

What does spring mean to you? Many think of warmer weather and getting outside. Spring time in the real estate world, usually means more appointments for listing Orangeville homes for sale and showing buyers homes for sale throughout Dufferin County.  Welcome to the Spring Market in real estate!  If you have been bitten by the spring bug to get moving, here are a few basic recommendations about readying your home for sale. 

Establishing an Accurate Market Price

Aside from the normal preparation of getting your home ready to sell, one of the most important parts of the process is establishing an accurate market price for your home. Mike explains the importance of setting the right price the first time you list your home and how an experienced realtor can help.

2 Mortgage Terms to Know as a First Time Home Buyer

Buying your first home is a big deal and not many are familiar with the process, let alone the terms. Cheryl explains the 2 mortgage terms you need to know as a first time home buyer.