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Our Real Estate Blog

Our Real Estate Blog

Welcome to our real estate blog – browse and read our blogs to get news, advice and practical tips on buying and selling real estate throughout the Orangeville, Shelburne, Caledon and surrounding areas.

If there is a particular topic that you cannot find our web site that would interest you, email or call us today, we would be more than happy to make it part of your real estate blog.

Offers – Holding, Bully and Pre-emptive Offers…. What’s It All Mean???

Sheila explains the difference between holding, pre-emptive and bully offers and how you may encounter them in today’s market.

What Are Some Benefits of Using a Professional Realtor?

Are you looking to buy a home? Brenda’s article explains the benefits of using a professional Realtor when it comes to purchasing a home.

Summer Tip – Give Your Deck a Thorough Check

Check your deck for any loose boards and hammer any nails that are poking up. If you find any rotting boards, replace them. Reseal your deck if needed.  Test by pouring a little water on the deck.  If the water beads into little puddles, you’re good.  If not, it’s time to reseal.

How has Real Estate Adapted During the Pandemic?

How has real estate adapted during the pandemic? Cheryl’s blog provides some insight on the new protocols put in place to help protect buyers and sellers.

Working From Home – Love It or Loathe It?

When the pandemic started, many restrictions were implemented. Although some of us have returned to our workplace, some have not.
Sheila provides tips on how to set yourself up for success while working from home.

Market Statistics – June 2020

June 2020 Market Statistics are in! Both Orangeville and Dufferin saw a decrease in active listings in June compared to the same time last year. However, Orangeville saw an increase in the number of sales where Dufferin saw a decrease.

Summer Tip – Protect Your Home from Unwanted Guests

Check around the exterior of your home for any holes that can allow unwanted guests in.  Any holes that are greater than a quarter inch wide, make sure to cover them. Trim tree branches that are close to the roof of your home.  Tree branches should be at least 8 feet away from the roof line.  Tree branches are the …

Building Your Dream Home – Finding the Perfect Property

Looking to build your dream home? Mike’s article explains the necessary steps to take when it comes to finding that perfect piece of property to build your dream home.

9 Tips to Selling Your Home with Pets

There are so many things to take in consideration when you are getting ready to sell your home, and your pets are one of them. Brenda’s article gives pet owners some tips to help prepare their home before putting their house on the market.

Summer Tip – Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans are a great way to keep your home cool.  Here are a few things to do before putting your fan to good use this summer. Clean the blades.  A lot of dust collects up there over time.  The last thing you want is a dust storm in your room when you climb into bed.  Use warm soapy water …

What is a Buyer Representation Agreement?

What is a Buyer Representation Agreement? Cheryl’s article explains what this document is, who is required to sign it and the obligations of both parties to one another.

Father’s Day Gift Ideas

With Father’s Day around the corner, have you found the perfect gift for Dad? Before making that online purchase, consider showing support to local businesses in the community.