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Our Real Estate Blog

Our Real Estate Blog

Welcome to our real estate blog – browse and read our blogs to get news, advice and practical tips on buying and selling real estate throughout the Orangeville, Shelburne, Caledon and surrounding areas.

If there is a particular topic that you cannot find our web site that would interest you, email or call us today, we would be more than happy to make it part of your real estate blog.

Technology Serving Seniors

Technology plays a big role in today’s day and age, and for seniors there’s no exception. More and more seniors openly accept and are eagar to learn today’s ever changing technology. Sheila’s article explains how technology is serving seniors.

Market Statistics – September 2019

Here are the market stats for September 2019! Both Orangeville and Dufferin saw a decrease in the number of active listings and number of sales; however, where Orangeville saw an increase in price, Dufferin saw a decrease in price over this time last year.

How can you protect Senior Family Members from Fraud?

In today’s day and age there are many scams out there. We have all received phone calls or emails that we know to ignore. But imagine a senior who may not be aware of some of these scams, they can easily be taken advantage of. Cheryl’s blog touches on some of the scams that are out there today.

6 Steps to Take When You Are a Victim of a Rental Scam

Last week Sheila talked about the rental scams happening in and around Orangeville. This week, she has provided tips on what to do if you become a victim.

Squeeze On Rentals Felt Across the Country

With the upcoming election, many are hoping things will change for renters.  There has been a shortage of good rental properties here in Ontario and we especially see this in the Orangeville Area, but have a read about what Canadian Real Estate Wealth has to say about the rental shortage.

7 Steps to Help Protect Yourself in a Rental Scam

It is difficult to find a decent, affordable place to rent, especially in Orangeville. Sheila provides 7 steps to help protect yourself in a rental scam.

What to Look For in Energy Efficient Appliances

Are you on the hunt for energy efficient appliances?  Do you know what to look for or take into consideration when purchasing new appliances?  We have provided a list of some of the things that you should be aware when you looking to purchase new appliances.

Hiring a Contractor

Cheryl’s blog describes what things you should ask when looking to hire a contractor to help you complete improvements to your home.

Market Statistics – August 2019

Market Stats for August are in! Although both Orangeville and Dufferin saw a decrease in active listings, both locations saw an increase in number of sales and price over August 2018.

The Scoop on Staging

More and more agents are turning to Home Stagers to help sellers ready their home to go on the market. Shannon gives us the scoop on staging and how it can help sellers maximize the return on their investment.

My Personal Highlights of this Summer

Wayne was able to attend some of the many activities that Dufferin County hosted the last couple of months. Wayne shares some of the highlights this summer.

What is My House Worth?

When listing a home, homeowners usually have a price in mind; however, the price they choose isn’t necessarily what the house is worth. Cheryl’s blog explains how the value of a home is determined and why it’s important to price it right the first time.