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Real Estate Tips for Home Sellers

Whether you are first-time home seller or an experienced Seller our real estate tips are perfect for everyone. If you need additional advice on Selling Homes in Orangeville, Shelburne or Caledon, please contact us anytime!

  • With the White stuff now on the ground for good, things you want to make sure you didn't forget.Lawn and Garden:Blow out sprinkler systems and winterize or insulate exterior faucets and water lines.Drain and store garden hoses.Rake leaves, especially if piled up against your home, the leaves will absorb moisture.
  • Make sure all levels of your Orangeville home have working smoke detectors. Not only is this in your best interest but it is the law. It is recommended to have a carbon monoxide detector as well to be on the safe side. Prospective buyers do look at these things as they are viewing your home. A home inspector will point this out as well.
  • Don't list if your not ready! Some agents believe to go ahead and get on the market. Many times this will end up costing you money. In todays market, competition is high, you have to out shine all of the competitors. Its worth waiting to finish the paint touch ups and minor trim repairs, etc. rather than rushing on the market and telling prospective buyers the work will be completed by closing. Remember, you only get one chance to make a good first impression!
  • Rural home owners in Orangeville should be prepared to locate their septic tank and have a professional septic service come and pump it out prior to the sale of their property. At this time the septic company will do a visual inspection of the tank and baffles and should indicate on the receipt that all appeared to be in good working order. If you are planning to sell over the winter months, it may be a good idea to do this in the fall before the ground is frozen and much more difficult a job
  • Pet odors can cost the seller thousands of dollars. Many times you don't even realize there is an odor. To a non-pet person, the smell can be overwhelming and stop them at the door. Try to eliminate causes of odors such as litter boxes and cages. Lemon scented cleaning products are the best to help eliminate pet odors. Do not use air fresheners as they just tend to layer the smells. If at all possible, remove your pet from the home during the showing or open house.
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