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Real Estate Tips for Homebuyers

Whether you are purchasing your first home or an experienced Homebuyer our real estate tips are perfect for everyone. If you need additional advice on Buying Homes in Orangeville, Shelburne and Caledon, please contact us anytime!

  • Buyers should always contact their realtor to show them a home they maybe interested in. Sometimes buyers feel like they don't want to "disturb" their realtor or "waste" their time and think they can get the listing agent to show it to them. Their Realtor would never feel like you are wasting their time! Buyers agents want to show homes! They want to protect their clients best interests and point out things that may be of concern. Never feel like you are bugging your realtor!
  • Before you start to look for a new home, you need to talk to a mortgage specialist and find out how much you are comfortable spending. Many people think they know what they can afford and start out looking, fall in love with a home and find out it is not in their price bracket. Every other house never compares to what they wanted. The best approach is to look for homes that you know you can afford and a experienced realtor will always make sure you are looking at homes you can have!
  • Rural property owners in the Orangeville area should check their water quality on a regular basis. The test is free and very east to do. You can pick up your water test bottle from a local health authority and have them send the sample to be analyzed for bacterial contamination of Coliform and E. Coli. If the test indicates there is any contamination, they offer advice on how to rectify the problem. Water test are generally a part of any sale of a rural property. For more information call us
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